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Why Should a Traditional Martial Arts Program Incorporate BJJ into your curriculum?

There is no question that traditional martial arts, such as karate, have had a huge impact on martial arts and our society. However, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is now the fastest growing martial art and there are new schools popping up on every corner. The fact that everyone is wanting to learn BJJ is no secret.

The popularity of mixed martial arts and television programs, such as Spike TV's, "The Ultimate Fighter," have pushed BJJ to even higher levels. This has forced many of the top traditional martial arts school's to add some sort of ground fighting into their curriculum, in order to not lose their current students to the new BJJ schools. We want to help you add this simple aspect into your current school and curriculum without losing what has made it so popular and beloved already.

The gentle art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teaches the use of leverage which creates an effective self-defense system that can be used by every man, woman, and child. Adding this to your already existing program can only help your martial arts academy grow, which in turn will help your school bring in more revenue.